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Executive Benefits Planning

It has taken guts, savvy and sheer determination, but you have done it.

You have made the credit union a success. But if you want your credit union to grow and prosper for generations to come, you need a plan that creates solutions for your organization and your employees.

Executive Benefits Solutions is an organization that specializes in identifying and resolving complex succession and retention problems. We have a long and proud history of helping to meet the needs of Credit Unions.

Our process proceeds through two primary steps: first, to fully understand and analyze the specifics of your financial situation, and second, to provide you with the information, advice and alternatives you need to make the best possible decisions about your financial future. Each of our plans is designed to help meet your unique needs, circumstances and objectives.

Whether your credit union will be among your growing concerns in the years to come depends, in part, on your written succession plan. If you have not formalized one for your organization yet, here are questions to consider:

  • Who will take over the credit union when you retire, become disabled, or unexpectedly die?
  • Is this person properly equipped and experienced to do the job?
  • Will your members, employees and board members support this person?

If you have already begun a succession plan, hopefully you have asked the following:

  • Does your identified successor have the required skills, knowledge and experience?
  • Have you communicated the plan to all relevant parties?
  • Have you made arrangements for dealing with key employees involved with the credit union to gain their support for your choice successor?

Business succession planning is not an event, but rather an ongoing process that, over time, can provide you with the ability to accomplish identified goals. We are specialists in business succession planning strategies with the use of appropriate tools, including life insurance. Executive Benefits Solutions can work with you to develop the strategies that maximize control if you wish, while still allowing the business to smoothly transition whenever you choose.