Our Mission

Executive Benefits Solutions specializes in the development of investment strategies to help credit unions control employee benefit expenses and retain the key executives who implement and manage those strategies.

Our Commitment 

  • We provide consultation on executive benefits and employee benefits funding programs to executive management teams and credit union boards of directors.

  • We consult with the credit union attorneys to prepare legal documents necessary to implement plans.*

  • We collaborate with credit unions, their attorneys and accountants to  arrive at benefit solutions that are both legally sound and tax appropriate.*

  • We assist credit union internal accounting departments and external auditors to properly account for executive benefits plans and employee benefits pre-funding programs.* 

  • We inform credit unions of legislative and tax law changes that may affect plans.*

  • We provide monthly plan participant statements of investment activity. 

  • We offer educational support to plan participants and board members on executive benefits and employee benefits funding programs. 

  • We provide periodic reviews of executive benefits and/or employee benefits pre-funding programs. 

*It is not our position to offer legal or tax advice.