Executive Benefits Planning

Credit unions are successful because of the employees they hire and retain. Yet, traditional benefits may not be enough to retain key employees. Credit unions can establish plans that provide benefits for one or more key persons, or a select group of management executives, with different plans for different individuals. Executive Benefits Solutions can provide executive benefits planning for credit unions to reward superior performance, provide extra incentive and attract and retain key people.

Employee Benefits Pre-funding

The pre-funding of employee benefit costs helps retain valuable employees in today’s competitive environment. More importantly, pre-funding helps offset future benefits costs and can potentially impact a credit union’s return on assets (ROA) as well as help to provide more stability for the financial management of the credit union. 

Employee benefits pre-funding is a strategy that can help offset eligible long-term employee benefit expenses. Credit unions can avoid decreasing employee benefits coverage, increasing deductibles and raising co-pays by considering an employee benefits funding program. 

Executive Benefits Solutions has developed a turnkey platform to help pre-fund the credit union’s employee benefit obligations that includes analysis of the current benefit situation and the creation of a federal and/or state regulatory compliant pre-funding strategy based on each credit union’s situation and needs.

Permissible Investment Management

Executive Benefits Solution’s experience includes oversight and management of a credit union’s permissible investment portfolio to analyze retail versus institutional charges for investment purchases. The investment management platform is designed to help meet each credit union’s unique needs, circumstances and objectives.